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direct from Japan:

Recommended Retail Price: USD$485.00

Shipping RM435.00 by (14 days delivery to Malaysia by Japan Post, depend to the stock availability)
Shipping USD185.00 by (14 days delivery to United States by Japan Post, depend to the stock availability) And also ship internationally Click this for shipping for other countries:

PANTONE UNIVERSE, is favored by the creators of the world as the common language of the brand to produce the PANTONE color.
"Colorful language to promote a sense of itself and feel = color",
And the suggestions of the trappings, stylish and creative product-life scene.

● The height of the saddle: 72 by 86cm, Height 24cm
● Apply frame size: 140cm or more transmission
● 6 dan @ cartoner
● Material: Steel Frame, Alloy Rim, aluminum brake lever, seat post aluminum
● Size: total length at approximately 138 width × 53 height
● total length about when folded 76 × width 62 high × 52cm
● Size : about 78 × 37 × 66cm
● Weight: Approximately 13.5kg
● Seat post diameter: 34mm
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